Joseph DeMonte

About the Author Director - Technical Training & Support, ABM Franchising Company


Mr. DeMonte holds both an Associate Degree in Science and Applied Science and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts from Thomas Edison State College. He graduated from the Naval Nuclear Power School in 1993.

Military Service

Mr. DeMonte served 6 years (1992-1998) in the United States Navy as a Line Manager Level Nuclear Mechanic.


• ASNT Thermal Infrared Level III Certification

• UE Systems Level I Airborne Ultrasound Certification

• Technical Associates of Charlotte Level 2 Vibration Analysis

Employment History

1992 – 1998

Line Manager Level Nuclear Mechanic – US Navy

  • Instructor for the new nuclear mechanic students in the areas of thermodynamics, heat exchangers, pumps, air compressors, valves, and reduction gears in the Naval Nuclear Mechanical A-school
  • Supervised five to eight operators during steam plant start-ups, shut-downs, and everyday operations as Engine Room Supervisor
  • PLC process design, installation, programming, and commissioning
  • Was the onboard mechanical procurement specialist responsible for planning and obtaining all parts for repairs and planned maintenance
  • Adept at repairing and performing preventative maintenance on pumps, air compressors, turbines, valves, heat exchangers, and various other mechanical and electrical components

1998 – 1999

Predictive Maintenance Technician – Beaver Valley Power Station

  • Lead technician for the IR program at BVPS with responsibilities for scheduling, completing, and performing all thermographic surveys
  • Qualified in the operation of the CSI 2120 and 2115 vibration monitoring equipment
  • Skillful in using parameters and operating characteristics of motor and steam driven machinery to analyze for possible corrective actions
  •  Optimized over 100 preventative maintenance tasks using parameter trending and predictive maintenance (vibration, thermography, and ultrasound)

1999 – 2006

Senior Infrared Instructor – Infrared Training Center/FLIR Systems

  • Served as the primary instructor for thermodynamics in over 120 week-long infrared training courses that included Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 applications
  • Taught over 30 onsite courses annually for Level 1 and Level 2 infrared certification at the customer’s facilities, including instruction of radiosity, thermodynamics, and maintenance practices
  • Certified to ASNT/TIR-PDM Level 3 in January of 2001, recertified November 2005
  • Designed the course curriculum for teaching the Navy Special Ops and Coast Guard in the use of the MARFLIR AN/KAX 1 and 2 infrared systems and CCFLIR systems
  • Designed a curriculum based on the MARFLIR training program for the new SEAFLIR and U-7500 maritime systems
  • Instructed twelve MARFLIR and two SEAFLIR courses over the course of 18 months
  • Developed new hands-on infrared labs and co-authored laboratory procedures for students to follow in performing these tasks

2006 – Present

Director of Technical Training and Support – ABM Franchising Group

  • Wrote and conducted Level 1 and Level 2 Thermal Infrared classes based on ASNT SNT-TC-1A standards
  • Developed the first Written Practice for TEGG outlining the training requirements for true ASNT certification to Level 1 and Level 2
  • Contracted by the ITC (Infrared Training Center)/FLIR to conduct 10-20 classes a year based on ITC Level 1 and 2 course material
  • Conduct mechanical infrared clinics at the Inframation Conference for the ITC
  • Instructor for seminar program, including topics such as NFPA 70E Electrical Safe Work Practices and Safety-Related Maintenance