Don Donofrio

About the Author Instructor & Consultant , The Snell Group

Don came to work for Snell in 2002, to train our Thermographers how to conduct electric motor testing. He has been all over the World testing, evaluating and troubleshooting problems with electric motors and motor circuits.  He has worked on motors rated in ounce inches of torque all the way up to a NASA wind tunnel synchronous motor that is 80,000 horsepower.

Don’s diverse electrical, electrical /mechanical, electronic, and sound motor knowledge is founded in twenty years of service in the Navy Nuclear Submarine Service. During his years at PdMA he was instrumental in the development of EMT techniques and provided significant input for development, improvement and enhancement with this emerging technology. As the Snell Group’s Technology Lead for EMT and Power Quality Analysis, he brings 44 years of knowledge in the operation, maintenance and testing of electric motors and motor circuits. His 20-yr exposure to the maintenance environment on US Navy Nuclear submarines has provided invaluable insights for our customers reliability needs.

As an instructor and practitioner, Don has been integral in the development of a series of innovative, vendor neutral motor testing training courses. The initial curriculum was originally designed for internal training purposes, and then launched for the public to provide customers with the knowledge to understand best practices of MCA and motor management. In January 2018 he completed development of a 32-hour curriculum for both Energized and De-energized Electric Motor Testing.