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ARC Flash Containment Test Video

Rudy Wodrich | VP Engineering Services, IRISS

Designing electrical equipment to withstand potential arc flash energy levels is a highly complex task governed by either IEC or UL/ANSI/NEMA standards.  To demonstrate that IRISS reinforced polymer IR windows can be safety designed into their Arc Resistant or Metal Enclosed equipment, we undertook to independently test our products under bolted fault conditions.  Several designs of IRISS IR windows were fitted onto a test Metal Enclosed Switchgear lineup which was then subjected to IEC 62271-200 levels of fault energy.  Internal pressures exceeding 18 Bar were observed but the IRISS products successfully withstood the test parameters.

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Rudy Wodrich VP Engineering Services, IRISS

Rudy Wodrich is an Electrical Engineer whose career has revolved around designing electrical distribution systems for industrial, commercial and power generation applications for both high efficiency and reliability. Rudy spent over 20 years at Schneider Electric and ABB. Rudy now leads new product development at IRISS Inc. in Bradenton, Florida working on Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD) and Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies (CAST) to provide early warning of potential electrical equipment failure and to automate maintenance record keeping with Internet of Things technologies. Rudy also holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.